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ADDON ARM8200 ADSL 2+ Router

ADDON ARM8200 ADSL 2+ Router

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ADDON ARM8200 ADSL Broadband Modem Router is specially designed for home and small office use. It provides cost-effective sharing of a single DSL connection and easy configuration web-based interface. The build-in comprehensive Firewall and Security function ensure you a peace of mind while surfing the internet.

Product Specifications*

Product Description ADDON ARM8200 ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ Broadband Modem Router
Device Type ADSL2+ Broadband Modem Router
Form Factor External
Data Link Protocol Buildin Firewall with NAT, Packet Filtering, content Filtering
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall
Deny of service (DoS) protection
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Management Utility
VPN pass through (IPsec, PPTP)
Feature Friendly GUI Configuration and Management
Full rate operation with up to 24 Mbps downstream data rate and up to 1 Mbps upstream data rate enables High-speed Internet access to ISP or corporate network
Ongoing feature enhancements through FTP/TFTP (Web-based download or upload of new firmware and configuration files
U niversal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Provides ALGs to supports most major applications, such as FTP,SNMP, ICMP, H.323, L2TP, Quake, MRC, ICQ and CUSeeMe
Support ZIPB (Zero Installation PPP Bridge) mode
Support full VPI range (8 bits , 0-255) and VCI range (16 bits, 1-65535) over PVC
Enables end-to-end ATM support, Which allows traffic management and QoS.
Built-in DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to all workstations on your LAN
All management and monitoring can be done through Telnet session
Auto negotiating rate adaptation
Applications High-speed Internet access
T elecommuting
D istance learning
E -Commerce
O n-line gaming
V edio Conferencing


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